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The 2024 Global Whisky Challenge

Whisky Mogul Media, a division of Wine Country Network, publishers of Wine Country International ® Magazine and a global leader in producing professional beverage competitions for wines and spirits, has announced the world’s first beverage competition that will evaluate whiskies made within three geographical regions of the world.

The Global Whisky Challenge is committed to defining excellence in whiskies worldwide. The first edition will focus exclusively on UK and European-made whisky. The competition will take place in Denver, Colorado. A seasoned team of US and International spirits judges will taste whiskies double-blind, scoring products based on 100 points using a proprietary rating system. The competition exclusively uses the NEAT ™ professional spirits evaluation glass.

Benefits and Awards:

Medals/certificates will be awarded for Best of Show, Best of Class, Best of Region, Best of Country, Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 

Judges will taste top-scored products and select one “Best of Show” 1st place per winner at each competition. Our senior judges will taste the “Best of Show-1st place” winners in New York and choose the highest-scored product, the 2024 Global Whisky World Champion.

Additional Benefits to the Global Whisky Challenge World Champion: 

  • Special iconic 18-inch sculptured trophy for display at the Global Champion's distillery
  • Prominent feature story in the "World Book of Whisky" Magazine and Wine Country International ®Magazine.

Please note that the entry period is closed for all three GWC parts.

Judging starts on June 1-2, 2024.
Plan to announce winners in mid-June 2024.

Grand Tasting of Three Top Winners - Global Champion Selected

Date: June 10, 2024
Location: New York, NY, USA

Best of Show, Best of Class, Best of Region, Best of Country, Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards.

 Included for all winners:

  • Physical Die Cast Medals
  • Digital Medals
  • Printable Award Certificates
  • Actual Scores
  • Judges sheets

The top winner in each competition competes again in the Grand Global Whisky Challenge in New York. One winner will be crowned
Global Whisky Challenge Champion.

Global Whisky Challenge World Champion receives:

GWC Trophy


Editorial Coverage

World book of whisky Cover

The Big Book of Whisky
Annual Magazine

Questions? Email: info@globalwhiskychallenge.com


About The Competition Organizers:

Wine Country Network, Inc, the publishers of Wine Country International® magazine and the organizers of these world-famous beverage competitions, organize the Global Whisky Challenge:

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